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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hiding Ana

So you're Ana... And nobody needs to know about it!!! They will try to "help" you, which means telling somebody else, which ultimately means getting locked up in a mental hospital. Let me tell you, most perfect people have never stepped foot in a mental hospital.
1) Tell your friends
2) Tell your parents
3) Tell your siblings
4) Tell your roomate, your landlord, your stuffed animals, heck, don't even tell your goldfish.
5) Say to anybody that you're going on a diet
6) Mention how fat you think you are to anybody else
7) Mention how beautiful you think skinny people are
8) Mention how ugly you think fat people are
9) Ask anybody "how many calories do you think are in this...?"
10) Make it obvious (wearing all black, going Goth, acting depressed)
11) Eat when you're alone

1) Keep Ana a secret
2) Always eat in front of other people so they can't say "why do you never eat anything?"
3) Always be the second person done. That way when people comment on you being done already, you can mention the person who was done first
4) Know the calories in what you're eating... If you don't know, put it down right now!
5) If you live with someone else, leave wrappers and dirty plates lying around so the other person will think you're always stuffing your face
6) Talk about how you think that curvy women are beautiful... even if you don't
7) Hide any Ana journals that you may have
8) If you're on a shared computer, learn how to delete your browser history. If the person you live with is good with technology, learn how to delete your temporary internet files, too
9) Always excersize in private. You've gotta make people think that you're just sitting around on your butt all the time

I know this girl, I'll call her M. Anyway, I saw M in the school hallway a few days ago and I had to do a double take. She was wearing smudged blue eyeshadow, a black motorcyle jacket, and black jeans, and she looked absolutely miserable. Her hair was thin and greasy and she's unhealthily thin. She never eats, so she's clearly Ana.

My point is that you don't want to be so obvious. Wear pastel colors, take vitamins, give your hair and skin special treatment, make sure your makeup is perfect, and keep up an active social life. Don't end up like M!
Love, Sarah

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