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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Find Out Why You Binge

Binge: When you overeat to an extreme amount, eating until your stomach hurts and is bloated.

We've all binged before. Binging repeatedly can be harmful to your health, and most of all, your weight! Want to stop binging? This can help.

After your next binge, (and don't binge just so you can do this activity and have an excuse to binge) grab your ana notebook and a pen. You can use a voice recorder too, but make sure nobody can hear you as you're talking.

Make a bulleted list of all the emotions you're feeling. (Ex: Guilt, shame, ect.) Make a list of everything you were feeling before your binge. Try to see why you overate: were you bored? Were you sad?
Write down all your thoughts and emotions from after binging, so you can look back at them the next time you want to binge. Once you remind yourself how you'll feel afterwards, you might not want to binge.

Try to stay away from food when you're feeling an emotion that could trigger your binging.

Stay strong!

Monday, June 24, 2013

ABC Diet

Day 1: 500 cal
Day 2: 500 cal
Day 3: 300 cal
Day 4: 400 cal
Day 5: 100 cal
Day 6: 200 cal
Day 7: 300 cal
Day 8: 400 cal
Day 9: 500 cal
Day 10: Fast
Day 11: 150 cal
Day 12: 200 cal
Day 13: 400 cal
Day 14: 350 cal
Day 15: 250 cal
Day 16: 200 cal
Day 17: Fast
Day 18: 200 cal
Day 19: 100 cal
Day 20: Fast
Day 21: 300 cal
Day 22: 250 cal
Day 23: 200 cal
Day 24: 150 cal
Day 25: 100 cal
Day 26: 50 cal
Day 27: 100 cal
Day 28: 200 cal
Day 29: 200 cal
Day 30: 300 cal
Day 31: 800 cal
Day 32: Fast
Day 33: 250 cal
Day 34: 350 cal
Day 35: 450 cal
Day 36: Fast
Day 37: 500 cal
Day 38: 450 cal
Day 39: 400 cal
Day 40: 350 cal
Day 41: 300 cal
Day 42: 250 cal
Day 43: 200 cal
Day 44: 200 cal
Day 45: 250 cal
Day 46: 200 cal
Day 47: 300 cal
Day 48: 200 cal
Day 49: 150 cal
Day 50: Fast

Sunday, June 23, 2013

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Hey, everybody. Sorry I was MIA... I gave up on Ana for a while.

It's summer now, I'm out of school, and I'm on day 2 of the ABC diet. The ABC diet is short for Ana Boot Camp, and yeah, I'll post it. It's supposed to give really great results; people loose about 15-25 pounds while on it.

Here's a few ABC-related tips:
-Try to eat fairly healthily while on it. I suggest only eating fruits & vegetables, or just eating a lot more of them.
-Once you're finished, SLOWLY increase the total of calories you consume.
-Not completely satisfied with the results? Start it again.
-If, at the end, you're satisfied with the results, try the skinny healthy girl diet to maintain your weight.
-Break the ABC diet with something low-cal, and continue to eat healthily, otherwise you might gain some of the weight back.
-While on the ABC diet, keep drinking lots of water while on the ABC.

Personally, here's my plan:
I'm doing the ABC diet for the summer, (1 1/2 times roughly) so I can be skinny for school. C will regret EVER calling me fat.

I'll try to post as often as I can.

Stay strong.