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Friday, March 29, 2013


I don't suggest that you fast for more than a few days, a week at most, because around then, your body goes into starvation mode and you won't be able to burn any fat. Here are some tips for fasting:

1. Try to stay away from food as much as possible
2. Fast on weekends. That way you can stay in your room all day, sleeping (or if you're a student, doing homework)
3. Make a list of things to do instead of eat
4. Youtube is your best friend
5. Google thinspiration
7. Start a short story
8. Find a new hobby (drawing, knitting, writing, ect.)
9. Go to the gym, or excersize on whatever machines you have at home
10. Start a pro ana site
11. Drink a lot of water
12. Tell anybody you live with that you...
-have a stomach ache
-aren't hungry
-are really busy and can't eat right now
-are going to eat later

1. Break your fast with one quarter of an apple
2. Eat only fruit and food low in calories and fat for the next week
3. Make sure to drink lots of water

Stay strong!
Love, Sarah

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