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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Fidgeting Tips

Fidgeting can burn an extra 500-800 calories a day. Here's a list I made of various fidgeting... Techniques? Anyway, if you think about it too much, it'll feel weird, so just try to make it natural. Think of ways you already fidget and try to make it more elaborate. For example, I often swing my right leg back and forth, so I could change that to swinging both legs in a circular motion. Just try not to look like you're having a seizure.

Ways to Fidget
1. Swing one or both legs back and forth
2. Twirl your hair
3. Suck in your stomach (do this for one hour each day, and in a week you'll go down one inch around your stomach)
4. Stand up
5. Bounce on your toes in place
6. Jiggle a leg or two
7. Sway from side to side
8. Tap your fingers on your knees
9. Clench your butt

The ways are endless, really!

BTW, did you know that singing burns about 4 calories per minute? This is almost as effective as jumping rope for an hour. Awesome, right? So if you sang for an hour, you'd burn about 240 calories.

Also, did you know that smelling bananas helps reduce hunger? I don't think this works for everyone... It just makes me want to eat a banana... ;)

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